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As one of the few audio distributors, we still have our own technical department. This guarantees expertise and the shortest possible repair period.

With the knowledge built up over the years, we are the contact point in the Benelux for Naim Audio.

Our skilled technicians can repair your equipment and bring it up to date with the latest technical developments in the field of hardware and software.

The technical department only works with original parts of the manufacturer, so your equipment will continue to work optimally and will keep its value in the long term. We also perform the so-called Naim ReCap, where we replace the electrolytic capacitors of Naim power amplifiers and power supplies. After replacement your Naim equipment is as good as new.

We also repair certain Linn equipment on which you can no longer claim the original factory warranty. For this you can best mail us to see what the possibilities are.

You can contact us for the following:

  • repair
  • recaps
  • software updates
  • hardware upgrades
  • custom made audio cables

Please feel free to contact us for an appropriate quote at +31 (0)13-5082411 or fill out the form below.

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